Tainan, 2012

Anping Treehouse

Anping Treehouse

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One thought on “Tainan, 2012”

  1. Zach, great story in Globe and Mail on road less travelled to Tainan! Bravo on getting the story in there! One thing, to note for next time. Taiwan is NOT an island, it is either a country or a nation or if you need to say island, then say ISLAND NATION, in the GM piece you called it an ISLAND only, merely, all 3 times. That is in poor taste, sir. You are not living on an island only, you are living in a nation called Taiwan or ROC. Maybe your editors back home in Canada changed it? or was that your gaffe? Just been here two years? Get over it: Taiwan is an island nation, please, Wake up sir. that goof ruined your reporting. grasshopper. SmILE

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