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Faux Epiphanies in Veliko Tarnovo

EastEurope 454


Veliko Tarnovo was one of the highlights of a recent trip to Bulgaria. It wasn’t just the beauty of the place, how the old quarter spills outward from a crumbling medieval fortress; or how the stark colors of blue sky, verdant hills, and pink roof tiles act as a stamp of Mediterranean authenticity even though the Sea is nowhere to be found.

It wasn’t any of the attractions that filled out the tourist information pamphlet, either. Continue reading

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, a Review

20130223_153153If I were to trace the development of my addictive personality, back through the drinking, the ten years of smoking, and all the way to its earliest manifestation, I’m pretty sure the trail would end at a Sega Master System and a fourteen inch television. That was my earliest rig, where I’d chill with Alex Kidd and Wonder Boy in a semi-catatonic trance for hours on end, achieving such feats of uninterrupted ass-sitting as to give the modern standard of inactivity a run for its money.  And keep in mind that in those days most kids were still wistfully playing in piles of leaves and shit, so in this I was somewhat of a trailblazer.

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The Matchless Orinda

A beautiful poem by Katherine Philips that I came across while slogging through Keats:

I have examined and do find
of all that favour me
There’s none I grieve to leave behind
But only, only thee
To part with thee I needs must die
Could parting sep’rate thee and I

But neither chance nor Compliment
did element our Love;
‘Twas sacred sympathy was lent
Us from the Quire above.
that friendship fortune did create,
Still fears a wound from time or fate.

Our chang’d and mingled souls are grown
to such aquaintance now,
That if would resume her own
Alas! we know not how.
We have each other so engrost
That each is in the union lost.
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