past writing

I was a writer for the Geopoliticalmonitor for three years before assuming the role of managing editor. Over the course of my tenure, my articles have been re-posted by several third party sites, including Realclearworld,, Eurasia Review, the International Relations and Security Network, and World Politics Review. Here are a few of the hundreds of articles that have appeared on the GPM:

Rwanda and Border Rebels: Geopolitical Considerations
Libyan Democracy: More Elusive than Advertised
Drone Strike Strategic Blowback
BRICs: The Imaginary Alliance
The Geopolitics of Burmese Democracy
Philippines: The Next US Military Base?
Flashpoint: South China Sea
China: Friend or Foe?


I am currently writing for Cosmos, a Taiwanese textbook publishing house. My writing credits include:

Target Reading 3
Taiwan in Simple English (editing credit)
Success with Reading 1


Globe and Mail
Qatar Today
Fuel Inc.
Pro Tem Newspaper
The Embassy
Eurasia Review
International Policy Digest


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